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Sun 9th Nov

Mor Karbasi, Tomatito, And Maria Angeles performing in Paradiso, Amsterdam

LatinEmagazine Nov14 Ginette Lavell Karbasi spread2LatinEmagazine Nov14 Ginette Lavell Karbasi spread1

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Tue 2nd Sep

Songlines Music Magazine presents: Mor Karbasi Feature!

Mor Songlines feature Oct 2014_Page_1 Mor Songlines feature Oct 2014_Page_2 Mor Songlines feature Oct 2014_Page_3 Mor Songlines feature Oct 2014_Page_4 Mor Songlines feature Oct 2014_Page_5

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Tue 15th Apr

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Firstly, a huge thankyou for voting for me in the ‘Orange Prize’ I won!!!

תודה מיוחדת לרשות הלדינו על תמיכתם באלבום החדש שלי ״הצדיקה״

Special thanks to ” Rashut Haladino” for supporting my new album “La Tsadika”!


הרשות הלאומית לתרבות הלאדינו

We had a great time in the world music expo ‘Babelmed’ in Marseilles, looking forward to the next shows, Ashdod Israel and Fez, Morocco

The next show is in Ashdod, Israel 17th April http://www.torhazahav.co.il

Sol La Tsadika, which is the title track on my latest album, was in fact a young Jewish girl from morocco, named Sol Hachuel.

Her tragic story serves as a reminder of the need for tolerance with our neighbors and the grave dangers of religious fanatacism.

In 1837, Sol was a beautiful girl aged 17.
She was brought to the Sultan’s judge, charged with rejecting Islam, after her friend and neighbor Tahra claimed she had converted.
She denied it, and was cruelly sentenced to exectution.

After the sultan’s son tried to persuade her to convert, and even after they wounded her, she still refused her option to a pardon, and was beheaded in the puclic square of Fez.The jewish commuinty was shocked, and buried her as a martyr. They called her “Sol ha-Tsadika” (The righteous Sol), and the Arabs called her Lalla Suleika (the holy lady Suleika). Her grave became a pigrimage site for both Jews and Muslims alike.
I am thrilled to be going to perform in the ‘sacred music festival’ in Fez on 17th and 18th June, and participate in ‘conference of the birds’ on 13th June. Find out more information on their website http://www.fesfestival.com/?lang=en – Its not only an honour to be invited, but to also see the places that i have drawn inspiration from.

Listen free to my own version of the story of Sol, from my last album:


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Tue 14th Jan

Mor Karbasi at Festival Au Fil des Voix, Paris-France (06/02, 22:30)

AFDV Paris 2014 - Fly 14

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Sat 2nd Nov

Mor Karbasi at Fira Mediterrània, Manresa-Barcelona (09/11, 20:00)

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-02 a las 18.53.24

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Thu 12th Sep

Mor Karbasi at Bet Avi Chai, Jerusalem (22/10, 20:30)

Mor Karbasi_9968© Daniel KaminskiLa Tsadika is the singer’s third album – creates Moore Krebs launch the show reaches Jerusalem, the city of her birth.

The album features mostly Ladino originating in Morocco, with original musical arrangements and surprising result of collaboration with international artists.

Krebs’s virtuosic performance and great voice tones, complement the vivid arrangements and create an enjoyable evening and special.

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Mon 9th Sep

Mor Karbasi at the Salon iKSV (Istanbul)

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-09 a las 09.36.59

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Wed 24th Jul

Sortie de l’album “La Tsadika” chez Gibraltar Production

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Wed 24th Jul

Mor Karbasi plays in the Jødisk Kulturfestival at Trondheim


Ladino singer Mor Karbasi sings in the ancient Spanish Jewish ladino language, which was spoken in Spain in the 1400s and later in North Africa and Turkey. She lives in Seville and goes with his band for the second time to Norway.

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Wed 24th Jul

Concert by Mor Karbasi programmed within the “Nights of music in the Jewish quarter”


The new disc by Mor Karbasi wants to create a bridge between her Moroccan and Jewish roots. The familiar Sephardic songs come from the Balkans (Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, etc.). She wanted to pay tribute to a darker side of the Sephardic musical tradition: the songs from the Morocco. Mor found a great treasure: unpublished songs from Sephardic melodies of Morocco. This was the origin of this project, to join melodies, rhythms and textures of the Arabian world with the multiple influences of Mor Karbasi.

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